Our Approach

Stage 1

Current State Diagnostic

We start by conducting a Current State Diagnostic to identify opportunities for improvement, root cause problem solve and provide a range of recommendations for innovative change initiatives.

But it doesn’t stop there: you can ask us to either lead or support you through stages 2 & 3.

Stage 2

Future State Design

We will turn our recommendations into action and design a Future State that works for you.

Stage 3

Planning, Implementation & Business Readiness

We will help you plan and implement the Future State design while preparing for the impacts of change through a bespoke Business Readiness Strategy.

Stage 4

Check-In (A little extra something)

We offer a complimentary ‘check-in’ service to ensure what we deliver is working for you. It’s part of what makes Tanic different: we don’t just go away.

This approach covers 6 key aspects of your culture, but we can condense or broaden the scope dependant on your specific needs.

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