What does ‘good’ really look like?

Ever wondered what good looks like?

This is something I used to make many assumptions on in the past, based on what I thought was needed and what I thought good looked like.  But the smartest way to approach this is question is to have the discussion with the people who will benefit from the outcome, as it’s a matter of individual perception. For example, you might be asked buy your boss to write a business case for a new change initiative – this is when you ask; what does good look like, to you? To determine what’s expected.

Your boss should have the requirements to determine what is needed; therefore, knows what they expect from the delivery.  Sit them down and discuss what you need to do to meet their expectations.

‘What does good look like?’ is the first question that should be asked when starting any task to meet the expectations of the receiver.  It’s worth noting that there may be a multitude of different expectations, these you will have to manage collaboratively to deliver something of value to the collective.

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Tanic Ltd

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