Non-ministerial Government Department – Productivity Review


A public sector organisation wanted to improve productivity following an organisational review. Different legacy processes and ways of working across multiple offices posed barriers to working effectively as one team, and the client required a plan to target short term and long term improvements.


We conducted an assessment of current processes, workflow, people development and performance management structures via interviews, workshops, documentation reviews and observational go-see activity. We analysed variability between sites to identify best performers to deep dive into why, and assessed leadership thinking and behaviours to understand the culture and impact on team morale.

Our recommendations focused on ways to develop and standardise key processes, performance management and capability building. We produced a Board report which provided detailed analysis with all solutions prioritised into short, medium and long-term opportunities.


The review delivered workable options for in-house change management activity to support further cost-benefit improvements, and a clear roadmap for improving productivity through a standardised approach in line with the organisational culture the client wanted to enhance.




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Tanic Ltd

Tanic Ltd

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