Retail Banking – Building Structures and Frameworks


The Senior Leadership Team of a high street retail bank were experiencing problems in their secured mortgage function. There were a number of underlying issues contributing to poor team performance; including, capability gaps, inadequate performance management and a lack of standard operating procedures, impacting good customer outcomes.


We took a lean approach to collaborate with key stakeholders, facilitate working groups and conduct observational analysis to understand issues in detail and break them down into key lenses.

Our recommendations centred around operational processes, spans of control, performance management, employee incentives, skills & competency frameworks and the recruitment process.

We were asked to support the Business Change Team to implement our recommendations to ensure they were embedded and sustained successfully.


Team performance improved significantly over a period of three months as individuals began working together and supporting each other, establishing a ‘one team’ mindset; improving employee engagement scores, attrition rates and customer feedback.




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Tanic Ltd

Tanic Ltd

Discovered in a Yorkshire vineyard is Tanic, the small consulting business focused on creating operational effectiveness through Targeted Problem Solving.