Small Animal Hospital – Improving Patient Flow


Clinicians and nurses in a Small Animal Hospital were experiencing problems managing patient flow, impacting profitability and student learning opportunities. There were a number of issues underpinning these problems from: ways of working, hospital logistics, poor problem solving capability, a lack of visual management and poor communication.


We started by focusing on building problem solving capability across the organisation; delivering training to the senior leadership, clinician and nursing teams. Our next area of focus was to conduct a comprehensive review of the SAH, working closely with the teams to understand current ways of working and inhibitors to patient flow.

Our ambitious range of recommendations covered better utilisation of hospital buildings to improve patient flow, a new structure to enable better use of Clinicians’ time between caring for patients and teaching students, patient referrals and pricing strategies to improve profitability, cost saving initiatives, improved ways of working, and the introduction of a “Hospital Coordinator” role to remove impediments and bottlenecks, inhibiting patient care.

We supported the Head of Operations to create a roadmap of improvements and test the “Hospital Coordinator” role. After a 6 week testing period we refined the responsibilities of the HC based on our learnings and made the role permanent.


Patient flow across the Small Animal Hospital improved at a steady and sustainable pace, resulting in a better patient care, increased profitability, and a significant cost saving. Clinicians and nurses were empowered to take more responsibility and make decisions to solve problems, bolstered by the Hospital Coordinator.

The SAH also saw a substantial improvement in employee and student feedback, reaffirming its reputation as a great place to work and learn.




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Tanic Ltd

Tanic Ltd

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