Waste Management – Capability Building


A waste management company needed to address the repeat occurrences of problems with critical operational functions, posing environmental, cost and health & safety risks. They wanted staff to enhance their problem solving capability to get to the heart of issues quickly, identify root causes and develop targeted solutions.


We worked in partnership with the client to assess the current skill set of individuals, and built a bespoke training & coaching programme designed to support root cause problem solving tailored to their needs.

The training provided a structured approach for identifying and responding to issues through to developing and testing solutions. We included relevant examples of issues the organisation faced on a regular basis and provided exercises for people to consider the impact of previous actions along with consideration for what could have been done differently.

We delivered the training across two nationwide sites and complemented this with follow up coaching sessions as a support mechanism to enhance the initial learning.


Multiple people at various hierarchy levels received a standardised way of working enabling them to become proactive problem solvers rather than wait for others to address difficult challenges.

This new way of working has become business as usual for the employees who are able to prioritise their focus on ”why” something has happened along with “what” and “how” it has happened, and develop sustainable solutions addressing the root of the problem to prevent reoccurrence.




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Tanic Ltd

Tanic Ltd

Discovered in a Yorkshire vineyard is Tanic, the small consulting business focused on creating operational effectiveness through Targeted Problem Solving.