Water Utilities Improving Ways of Working


The Debt Strategy team in a water utilities company were unable to meet the needs of their internal customers to control customer debt and tackle the businesses debt challenge. The central issue underpinning this problem was cross functional and intra team ways of working.


We took an agile approach to understand current ways of working, internal customer requirements, and team capability & capacity to build a new team structure, develop better ways of working and resolve pain-points.

Our recommendations detailed a new team structure designed to be more agile and manage demand more flexibly, work collaboratively with internal customers to manage and prioritise requirements, and develop ways of building team capability to remove single points of failure and improve throughput.

Our recommendations were implemented by the businesses Continuous Improvement Team. We followed up with the business to check-in and see how the changes were performing.


The team had demonstrated a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of work they delivered. They built a better relationship with their internal customers and reduced the pressure they were feeling; improving their wellbeing.

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Tanic Ltd

Tanic Ltd

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